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Welcome to the Schwab Nation. The Schwab Nation is a micro nation that works in Government and Transportation logistics. The Schwab Nation works in providing great customer feedback on everyday services. We are committed to providing the highest effect in all our projects. The Schwab Nation looks to the future and the past to build a nation that is firm and dependable for things to come. When it comes to the Schwab Nation I think of a highly respected looked to and relied on for great customer service and good performances in all the things we do. The Schwab Nation has been in history part of many people that formed the Oneida mood known as the gaeity of europe. Which was based on cosmic tiles and colors for land and sea. It would get much of its influence from an Italian environment where pine trees to would be common to be seen all around and the land and sea colors would make the pine trees great. In further research it would be discovered that many products are built from pine which included old british ships and buildings. I am hoping that as you visit our site you find things that are creative and further expand your interest and commitment to the Schwab Nation for your business and health needs.

Dr. Kyle Oleynik D.Div


Leader Kyle of Schwab Nation♕ Doctor Kyle Alexandrov Oleynik


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Leader Kyle of Schwab Nation


The Land pose for Oneida and the gaeity spirit and the Galactic ruler of Oneida Life.


Kyle of the Aristocracy of Europe

♔ Administrator Kyle of the Aristocracy of Europe through Oneida Life with John H. Hugghes and his association with Emperor Nicolas Hugghes of Prussia and Empress Maria Federoavna. The style of the gaeity spirit of Europe by Bevelyn Holstein. Where the Hugghes surname is apparently associated with Bartolomew Rastrelli the architect of many buildings in Europe.


Schwab Nation Coat of Arms by Blazon

..::Aristocracy of Europe: The Schwab Nation::..

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