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Aristocracy of Europe: Nation Flag

Welcome to the Schwab Nation. The Schwab Nation is a micro nation that works in Government and Transportation logistics. The Schwab Nation works in providing great customer feedback on everyday services. We are committed to providing the highest effect in all our projects. The Schwab Nation looks to the future and the past to build a nation that is firm and dependable for things to come. When it comes to the Schwab Nation I think of a highly respected looked to and relied on for great customer service and good performances in all the things we do. The Schwab Nation has been in history part of many people that formed the Oneida mood known as the gaeity of europe. 

cosmic space tilesWhich was based on cosmic tiles and colors for land and sea. It would get much of its influence from an Italian environment where pine trees to would be common to be seen all around and the land and sea colors would make the pine trees great. In further research it would be discovered that many products are built from pine which included old british ships and buildings. I am hoping that as you visit our site you find things that are creative and further expand your interest and commitment to the Schwab Nation for your business and health needs.

Dr. Kyle Oleynik D.Div




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Aristocracy of Europe: Photography

The Land pose for Oneida and the gaeity spirit and the Galactic ruler of Oneida Life.

Kyle of the Aristocracy of Europe

♔ Administrator Kyle of the Aristocracy of Europe through Oneida Life with John H. Hugghes and his association with Emperor Nicolas Hugghes of Prussia and Empress Maria Federoavna. The style of the gaeity spirit of Europe by Bevelyn Holstein. Where the Hugghes surname is apparently associated with Bartolomew Rastrelli the architect of many buildings in Europe. My hometown is Lahaina in Hawaii. I lived there for quite awhile and found it to be wonder and amazing. It is very pretty, clean and I had great times with my friends there. The islands have many great places to visit and I found myself to really like the food, attractions and places around. I lived in Studio City for awhile and worked for Relief Films and Our Humor Network in which I had my own suite and got to be part of the Oakley family from Hungary. My duties were housekeeping and I worked in maintaining the grounds, and the building. I worked in cleaning filming sets for movies, doing laundry, and cleaning floors, rails, and all parts of the offices. I learned how to clean and maintain large swimming pools and lawn care and landscaping. I worked in sales and cleaning of Mary's USA. I have worked in travel and commercial sales for about 10 years. When I later got introduced to the water arm of corporate business. I begin to enjoy the ocean more and riding ferry's and land and sea boats. I have been working in sales for about 10 years. Last two years ago I made about $15,000.00 cash in a year of computer sales. In which I work in building websites with software and programs and build large commercial businesses through the internet and around the planet. I have owned and driven many Lincoln Town Cars and like Continental cars. What really got me into business was the influence of other persons and friends in business. Lincoln became a strong influence, Rolls Royce really accelerated me, and the Balisor balls by Richard Milton on the interstates really had me looking at business in a magic perspective.  Super Ear idea

Designer Kyle OlehnikI began to work in Radio Broadcasting through my early teens and I educated myself and signed up for computer classes at a Boy's and Girls Club I am attending. I began to learn computer repair and building of computers. I learned how the internet operated, how computers think, how computers build programs, how to save and store data, how to work with all parts of the computer. My grandma really was a major influence in my life and business. I have been an author since I was in elementary school in which I use to write novels of fear and eventually I began to write long novels. I worked in electronics for awhile and ran my own laboratory for electronics and production of cleaners to clean vehicles of odor and taring caused by tobacco. My plan was to develop a cleaner that could remove the odor from office vehicles that would get the odor trapped in them from usage. My laboratory would work in building and testing electronic circuit boards. I found electromagnetics to be one of the most fascinating Earn money right now and make money fast.technologies. I would then create my Russian business Niplaius which would mean a Pinnacle beyond perfection. The highest point of the pinnacle in technologies with consumer technology which would be of great workmanship and dependability. The electromagnetic vehicle would be based on other projects online but the result would be a vehicle in the works that would use magnetic disks to generate electricity that would power series of power converters that would distribute the energyAristocracy of Europe to the vehicle engine, transport, for the vehicle cabin, dashboard and all electronic componets of the vehicle. Thus the plan would be a vehicle that would travel with indefinite supply of electricity.President Kyle of Oneida Life

Many years later I began working on a project how to store text and paragraphs that can be scanned and retrieved to view the content. I would go on the internet and search how to make barcodes and then I found this site that had 14 different bar code systems and I wanted a barcode that would be unique and easy to remember and annoying. I decided on the QR barcode. I later tried a few words and generated the barcode, and then tried several sentences to see if it could store the text and create a bar code. The result would be a bunch of barcodes. I wanted to base them on a project on PHI mathematics. It would be based on a book by William Eisen on PHI Mathematics and tarot cards on PHI Mathematics to take math numbers and generate pictures.  Thus pictures could be generated from numbers and each would have their own letter from a to z. Which could be used for the Celtic cultures and create pictures that could be put on posters.  I would design my own currency for my club and make my own posters and systems which would place importance on the Church of Jesus Christ. The focus would be to take letters of english texts and convert them to images to determine its importance or co-existance with the Church. The letters would render images in PHI Mathematics for which ever project it would be. My improvement and new role for QR barcode would be used to market the project and I took the project with me to Hawaii for marketing with friends and got great support. QR barcode would become popular and I would give it the name Waverly QR and Waverly QR Project for 2019.  For 2019 I had created new brand improvments on the internet announcing Midnight Sephora as a fragrance for those moments in the evenings. It would be its first for Sephora. I have been working on a new publication Anastasia Express which is about a train in the orient nations that is similar to the Oriental Express in role and function. Anastasia Express is a train that is thought to have existed and had traveled quite a bit. How far and how much is un-knowned and then the train had probably ceased to exist. Space Cowboys of the Oneida Community and its emperor is based on a book. It is a reference book siAristocracy of Europe: Oneida Cosmic Dance Clubmilar to a dictionary and it is about the earth and it is in the form of planet earth. It references the cosmic realm and existance of deity. I had discussed about a book of Merlin which forms the backbone of the Cromwell coven. Another book Cromwell's Inferno is a true story similar to the narrative counts of the things that Merlin had faced and its challenges. Cromwell's Inferno is about many citizens in a community that did not like the gatherings of the Cromwell's and they burned their properties like buildings and books. The Cromwell's heritage would be much in part on Merlin and his struggles with nature and its animals in a mythological way. 


Kai An



Schwab Nation Coat of Arms by Blazon

..::Aristocracy of Europe: The Schwab Nation::..

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