My Credentials

My Credentials

My Credentials

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My Credentials

Pre-Elementary Education

Wear-Wood Elementary

White-Pine Elementary

White-Pine Middle

Jefferson County High 

Jefferson High, Denver CO

Santa Monica City College, Santa Monica CA

Universal Life Church Monastery, 2012, 2019.

Bethel Business Machines

Church of Christ, asistant in cleaning and administration.

United States Government Shutdown Reference; Ardmore LaSalle Church of Christ, Blakeonomics.

 John H. Hugghes of Oneida Ltd. New York.

Charles Oleynik and Business; White Pine, Tennessee.

Communication Technologies; Craig Hines, David Roberts.

Oneida Life Heritage; Bevelyn Holstein.

Balisor Balls Family Related to Everyone; Dr. James C. Oleynik

Reference: HIM Dennis I of Winthroopstan Germany.