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My Projects

My Projects

Basketball Courts by Free-Photos at Pixabay

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My Projects



Oneplaus Electromagnetic Vehicles

Neplaus Automotive; Dr. Kyle Neplaus

These vehicles are an all era of electronic and luxury and sport style vehicles for exotic times.

These vehicles use a car distributor system with two magnetic discs with RB magnets to create electricity as they spin together on a spindle. The result is continuous 12 volts of energy that is then distributed to a converter system that converts the 12 volts to electric 120 volts standard electric. This energy is then used to power all sorts of componets, the motor, the drive system, the dashboard controls and accessories and all electric aspects of the vehicle. This provides a continuous not ending drive experience where the customers do not have to depend on fuels or any power sources other then the vehicles continous power supply through electromagnetism.


Dr. Kyle Oleynik D.Div.



4D Internet Browser

Imagine an internet where there are characters, and a virtual experience where there are buildings, street lights, water fountains, parks, a sky, and almost every business in the world. Where users can interact with customers around the world and chat with them, share coins, buy, sell, trade and barter on products and merchandise from all around the globe. Users can visit the gym and visit the virtual stores and shop difficult things like perfumes and order the smell business cards to scratch and sniff the fragrances. 4-D Internet would also have movies, games, music and customers could go to theme parks, movie theaters, and places they had not seen. Maps for directions get easier, customers can drive with plug and play steering wheels and controls to drive maps all around the country and see real-time satellite updated views each day of all the roads if not real time almost all the time of all the environment of the planets and visit planets, the stations in space and interact in a commerce environment all around the planet. 


Dr. Kyle Oleynik D.Div.



The Russian Family Related to Everyone

The Neplaus Surname

DNA Image pixabay TheDigitalArtist / 5545 images

The Russian Family Related to Everybody through Basket Ball

DNA Helix Image from Pixabay The Digital Artist Images 5545.

Basket Ball Image, PC Tech Support.

This is about a family that is like many families around the world that go to work, send children to school. Where average homes are 4,000 sqft- 4,500 sqft. The story is about a family that use the balisor balls to be related to everyone on the planet through connections. The Governments and militaries from around the globe would find out and then go after them and take them in to ask them questions and to perform genetic testing on them. There would be humvees, military tanks, and military trunks that would pass on the interstates. The Governments would be very interested and would nee the family that is related to everyone and all the things on planet earth. Obviously the Governments would not let these persons go until they get what they need which would be global domination and control of all things. They would not want a family to be related to everyone. This would include all the Governments and religion organizations and persons from all around the globe.


Dr. Kyle Oleynik D.Div.

Dr. James Jones



Empirical Government

Fusiostar Logo by Cooltext

Fusiostar text by Cooltext

The practice where the Government and all the materials become like the shining celestial stars in the nights sky. This is where the entire radius of all things and all materials are connected with balisor balls and the balls co-exist into the celestial shining stars in the sky. The Empirical Government would be almost an infiniteless Government, because it would not be possible to grasp or get handles onto the items to pull, leverage, move or lift an affixed continuous position in the space systems. All the light and all the matter of the universe would be composed or follow the rules of the Empirical program where the matter exists but does not exist and the matter may exist but may or may not be possible to gather.


Dr. Kyle Oleynik D.Div.

Dave Roberts


The Secret Civilization on The Moon

Purple Blue Angel

The story is about a hidden land with luscious forests and rivers and an Aurora dynasty that is not visible in the lunar craters of the moon. In which the city is heated by volcanic vents and their is music and infinite power. There would be an empirical purple angel that would rule the kingdom and in other texts there would be a train and a small blue coupe VW that would travel through blue lit tunnels around the moon to places. The land of Connacht based on the Oneida Indian tribes. The ruler would be the Connacht and in the story small golden nuggets would fall from the sky and there would be an effect of a dead engine as the empirical could wall from the blood to the celestial star and from the celestial star to the blood. Many people would join the party train and would get to this land through the elevators in Studio city California. The fiesta would be non-stop a purple fan angel to infinity and bonded to the people. The music and the fun would be through the land in worship to the leader Connacht.


By: Dr. Kyle Oleynik

Bevelyn Holstein

Dave Roberts

Jim Craig

Oneida Life.



Lava Land

Volcanoe Lava flow by Skeeze / 12152 images

Volcanoe Lava Flow by Skeeze on Pixabay.

The story about a volcanoe and several young students that explore a volcanoe wearing lava boots and explore paths of magma and can walk all around the volcanoe and to it's peak. In which they get a feel for the land and the touch of nature and the feel how they are more part of nature and the effects of permeability and the molding mud and magma of the land.


By: Dr. Kyle Oleynik

Dave Roberts

©1992 Volcanoe Boots, Lava Land.


Orapple Computers


Schwab Nation

Orapple Computers are computers designed to have standard programs that function when starting and shutting down the computer. It is designed to render programs such as music, video, chat, and games but it does not allow users to save any content to it. All content is stored on external drives. Each time users start a session on the computer, it is like a public library computer and it is like working on a new computer every time. Orapple Computers is working on the program Boot Flasher which will be designed to flash and create locks, serial numbers and product keys for all Orapple products and software products to create a session that customers will like with Mediate approval, it would then be possible to login to services and accounts all around Orapple and the community without needing keys. Orapple Computers will be portable, desktops, towers, laptops, and server computers for Commercial buildings.


Kyle Oleynik

PC Web Support


Air Craft Invisibility Cloak

When aircraft need to be undetectable from objects such as warfare items. An Aircraft Invisibility cloak using the technology of Electromagnetic Induction Coils generates energy around the air-craft to displace warefare items from penetrating the body or area around the aircraft. By the glance when the device is turned on a series of induction coils cause the electromagnetism to be altered and like in my books of the Journey of Shlevko, the electromagnetism is distributed to the body of the plane and then the viewer will notice that the electromagnetics are altered as the compass spins to locate directioning and the warefare items are signally displaced and the positioning systems and path of the warefare items is altered due to the Induction from the air-craft. Thus the air-crafts are not damaged and the equipment is not damaged nor the lives endangered by the warfare items and the technology of the Air Craft Invisibility Electromagnetic Induction Cloak.

By: Dr. Kyle Oleynik

Tech Sgt. Brandon Bettis

USAF, ANG Military



Space Construction on the Moon

For many years now there have been ideas of making construction in space more easier and much quicker to make and assemble parts and things in outerspace. To do that it is idea that the earths lunar moon can be used for making the items for construction. Thus robots can work in outerspace and the robots can build things like hotels and large buildings.

By: Dr. Kyle Oleynik