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My Website Products

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Schwab Nation Website Products

Purchase website products for your project through Schwab Nation at Ionos 1&1.

 ..::Schwab Nation does Q&A Consulting, Web Design, Commercial Advertising, Domain Registrations, Business Cards and specializes in Web Hosting, Commercial Phones, Digital Communications, Network Cabling and Installation of Computers, Phones, Printers, Hardware and Computer Accessories. The Schwab Nations works on Corporate, Office and Home Computers and Accessories.::.. 

  1. Web Design: 5 Page Website, 1 Domain Included for 2 years, hosting installation, and commercial advertising to 400+ search engines and directories. Complimentary image editing, logo design, custom coding support included and technical and managing support included.
  2. Marketing Q&A: Answers to technical questions on computers and accessories.
  3. Business Cards: 100 Full Color Business Cards, Designed Business Card, logo design and formatting. Commercial Advertising and tech support assistance on printing and integrations.
  4. Book publishing: Typing and editing of manuscripts, ISBN registration through Bowker. Book Publishing and Product Design. Image Editing, Design of Cover, Interior and marketing materials. Complimentary author website. Electronic Support for Amazon Kindle and electronic book readers.
  5. Pixel Geo-location Mapping: Assistance with launching and Implementation of a code on website pages to track user activity, and map the location of computers and log the number of visits to your website.
  6. Commercial Product Page: Building and compilation of a product page for customers to visit and shop for your product commercially through 5000+ website directories and Search engines. Including installation on hosting, domain configuration, and credit card processing. 
  7. Gold Aucer Nuggets: I made handcrafted gold ceramic nuggets, bar shaped, nugget and pendant shaped stones. The Gold Ceramics are made from clay, poured and mixed gold up to 24K, and glitter and are stamped and registered with King Jewelry with a COA Certificate of Authenticity. Gold Aucer Ceramics are made 40 % clay, 40% gold, 20% glitter or metals and paints. Gold Aucer a great product to save money. They are priced at $40 to 2,500.00 per nugget. Optional Amethyst stones can be placed in the nuggets; pendant, nugget or bar shaped. They are invented by me of King Jewelry and each one is oven baked to perfection. They are weighed and sold according to the weight and the features it has. They are made in the United States and the stones are from around the world and the clay is newly crafted. The jewelry are made from new material, and supplies like barrel clasps and clasps for the necklaces, and the nuggets are shaped for durability and the bar style and each nugget made is stamped with an authentic product number.2019-08-02-11:28:10.
  8. Vootza University; providing training in installation and repair of home and office computers. Providing training in working with network cables, hardware, hardware repair, computer diagnostics, setting computers, software, working in text documents, keyboard shortcuts, keyboard typing, cleaning keyboards, mouses, computer screens. Making and editing business cards, brochures, business ads, post cards, photo posters. Working in image editing, resizing images, image backgrounds, image frames, image types, commercial image editing, changing image formats, watermark. How to work on a computer, understandiing your computer, terminology for an operating system, changes and modifications to operating systems, Browsers, Internet Browsers, advertising features, security and privacy features, complete web design tutorials in HTML and coding for flash and web content. Administrative, texting, communications and managing content on computers. $3599.00 program fee. Includes certificate of completion if the enrolled student completes the program, several diplomas in computer education courses.


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