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Schwab NationHouse of Roman

By Kyle Oleynik
Further credited: Dr. James XXII, Roberta Lynne, Nicolas Hugghes Emperor of Russia.

The House of Roman confounded itself from the Roman roads of the old and in the Italian and German origin. It is notable for its architect Bartolomew Rastrelli, and the modern clothing of the years. He would be one of the famed and important persons for the House of Roman and its history and present in Oneida. Oneida would be mystery of dining and use of utensils, bowls and cups of the period. In which The House of Roman would acquire its origin from Oneida.


In later rumored years there would be Dennis and many business groups. My friend Dave Roberts would note much of these things for Germany to Germanic people and the Swabia. Therefore I would like to express thanks and gratitude to Bartolomew Rastrelli and his wonderful ideas of a blue room, green room, living and dining ideas. His sense of mystery and wonder in nature and history.


How much of his role in the House of Roman there would be would probably be not known. How he had brought the particular rooms into creativity would be of wonder. He would be considered the heritage architect for the house of Roman. The Swabia of Germany would be cultures and business associations with communities and the church. In which the church of Christianity would have much association with Imperial reigning powers of the lands. In which much of the military power and Government power would be associated with the houses and the churches.


Oneida would be noted for its style of dishware for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners and has been around for years. The House of Roman would be credited for this shared history in probably business sales of Oneida furnishings.


Dennis would be probably a notable leader for the periods of imperial Russia and India. However could have been a layover or step father for Imperial Russia in the United States and with a culture heritage with Bartolomew Rastrelli would make him a legitimate Imperial leader or what would have been doubles or reserved individuals. However as many people would believe a step father would have almost as much power as an actual father. Especially if he had been well versed in the understandings and workings of how Government and power is. Dennis would be notable for his confluence of 1800's to the present. Whether leader or not it would be by belief that this would continue dynast order in Russia and India. By right of descent and origin.


Bartolomew Rastrelli, House of Roman, United States of America, Origin: Oneida


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In reference to his imperial majesty Dennis I of Winthroopstan Germany and the Aristocracy of Europe. This ad is dated 02/10/2019. John H. Hugghes of Oneida Limited, Oneida New York. Nicolas Hugghes emperor of Russia and Maria Federoavna of Oneida Life and Galactic Administration of Oneida.


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What authors, or books have influenced you?
I would think Goosebumps by R.L. Stein. I have of course liked many books that were about The Phantom of The Opera, Detective series, Blackbeard the Pirate.

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Increasing my sales on my paperback novels and the electronic versions. I’m also working on films for almost each of the novels.

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The Red Flower, Hells Belles, Think & Talk Russian, Bhagavad Gita As It Is, The Silver Chair, The Final Days, and books on history, Electromagnetic technology.

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I dream to operate a more large scale radio broadcasting network. Aero Space technologies and traveling to outer space. I’m working on more websites with customers and commercial marketing.

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