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Waverly QR

Schwab NationThe commercial solution to store paragraphs of books and texts in privy use. The Waverly QR is designed in the county of Waupaca in the city of Weyauwega. It was created for the Connachta and the Connachta rulers to store text, sentences and data structures in barcodes generated online for pack and ship labeling. From the 15 or more different barcodes came the choice of QR. Thus the father of the QR barcode was formed. From designed money printed in the city of Appleton Wisconsin and distributed at first on monetary bills backed with United States money the Waverly QR would get rooted and distributed in Appleton, Wisconsin. From 2012 it would be advertised on classified ad sites. Thus it could be open-source but that was not ever decided. We would appreciate donations and commercial license purchases on this idea project.



How Waverly QR works

Waverly QR works in storing of text, paragraphs, books, and media in QR bar-codes based on PHI. The data retrieval makes it easy to scan barcodes to read books and paragraphs of text in bar-codes that can be placed anywhere. Making reading things in Aero space more easier. Store vast volumes of  books, magazines and content in bar-codes. Designed for the church of Jesus Christ.


Commercial License $10 per year.

Create and design your own QR barcodes. leave intact the credit Waverly QR, products designed with Waverly QR.


Personal or Project use $5 per year.

Create and design your own QR barcodes as with distribution see the privacy and terms on this site and the copyright notice. Commercial distribution will require a Commercial License.


Please consider donating and purchasing a personal or commercial license. Piracy is a crime and I do require licensure for this project. I do not make the item so the enduser can benefit. The item was generated for the Connachta Dynasties of the Moon.


Project consultant: Dr. Kyle Oleynik J.F.


Mailing Address

Kyle Oleynik

Waverly QR


3111 Independence Avenue #03


South Gate, California 90280.


Waverly QR "Lunar technology based on PHI Mathematics"

Copyrighted 2012, Co2v, Author Kyle Oleynik, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.



As of 2019-2020 Pirated works from my projects will be reported with a summary to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and authorites. I did not authorise any commercial propogation or distribution of the QR text storage program without any legal compensation or payment for my idea of work. Diplay purchased license or else. Thank-you. Nowhere the usage or purchase to be an agreement of binding between the Waverly QR and any commercial products. As of 2019/14/11 no commercial licenses or personal project donations have been made.


New project for 2019-2020

Waverly Vehicle Stereo, project of being able to scan purchased QR barcodes of your favorite music artists and play the music from the QR Barcode. An in vehicle scanner makes it easy to play music read from a barcode or retrieve the music through an uplink to download the music to the vehicle stereo for playback. Portable sound systems would also do the same. If you would like to be part of this project, email moondustries.kyle@hotmail.com

Copyright 2012 Waverly QR Vehicle Sound Machine and Waverly QR Radio